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4 New Cars Coming Out in 2019 Worth Expecting

2019 is upcoming. When the year comes most of the car expected to be released on the market. Some of the cars are already introduced in 2017 to build the hype needed. Some famous brands were spotted doing testing of the new car, which make it pretty interesting. What are the new cars coming out in 2019? Will they be as hyped once enter the market as their introduction. Here is the list of new cars worth to anticipate in 2019.

Audi RS Q5 Always known for their stylish compact sedan, in late 2017 Audi will be releasing their new line up of Audi RS Q5. Audi RS Q5 is an aggressive sport car with bold black grille being its most eye-catching feature. The car is a compact SUV with luxurious and sharp design but the bold and wide grille make it look a little bulky. Thr new design should be taken for consideration because some people may find it revolutionary, while some are bothered by the strange looking grille. V6 engine with eight automatic transmission and all wheel drive system will power the car. It can produce around 444 horsepower.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio The name itself sounds so sophisticated that it will draw people attention. Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio engine with diesel and gas powered ones are already introduced but the awaiting QF version is yet to be released. The car comes with s groundbreaking design with super slanted headlights and triangular grille. Looks bold and speedy, the car is powered with turbocharged v6 with 2.9 liter of capacity. The power it can produce is 450 to 500 horsepower. Powerful performance, the car surely is among new cars coming out in 2019 worth anticipate for.

Mercedes - AMG Project One Been spotted being tested several times, the groundbreaking Mercedes - AMG Project One comes with super speedy performance and design. The high spoiler and slim, sharp body makes the car looks super sporty. The low roof of the car makes the car looks less civil with likely 2 seating only. The car will be powered with V6 turbo engine with capacity of 1.6 liter. The embedded technology to maximize the power of the var is claimed to make Mercedes - AMG Project One the fastest car ever. The price is also likely will be on the high range because of the sophisticated specifications. Definitely one of the most new cars coming out in 2019 worth to wait for.

Toyota Supra In the mids of vast new innovative sport car that will take everyone's breath, here comes the old lovely Toyota Supra in 2019 version. Toyota Supra has been one of the most awaited car because its loyal fans are abundant, making Supra a car worth to remodeled and resurrected in 2019. Toyota Supra will be released in the late of 2017 or early next year. Because of the famous brand mark it has, it is a definitely one of the most awaited new cars coming out in 2019.

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