2018 Lexus RX Review

2018 Lexus RX Review

Automotive industry competition in the SUV segment seems to be increasingly heated up with many new car variants, one of them is the 2018 Lexus RX. Previously, this car is often labeled as one of the SUV cars with old-fashioned exterior appearance and features. The new model is currently presented with a redesigned visual appearance with several modifications that touch all aspects, both interior sector, exterior, features and also the machine sector that follows the times currently. In fact, this Lexus RX is a bit much to take inspiration from its crossover brother, the Lexus NX. This car has many sharp corners and sporty on the exterior sector.

2018 Lexus RX Overview
As the latest generation, the specification that brought Lexus RX is indeed going to bring the look of a sporty design with a reliable engine and equipped with advanced features. At the first glance, this SUV look may be quite similar to the Lexus NX which some time ago had to stick in many countries. It can be seen from several curves firmly around the entire body of this Lexus RX so that the impression of sporty and gallant this car also looks stronger. On the other hand, its valor is more clear with the evidence buried 2.0L Turbo Gasoline engine with a capacity of 1.998cc so that will make the rate of this SUV is the even more terrifying formation in various road terrain. Some other features also pinned on the Lexus RX to support safety and provide comfort in driving.

2018 Lexus RX Exterior
This luxury SUV claimed that the new model is designed with a newer design, namely by carrying the concept of Seductive Strength themed. With these concepts then the exterior look of this SUV looks more elegant and sporty. The car itself is still maintained with the presence of strokes that are still the same design as the older version. For example on the C pillars that still carry the design of the rear glass side of the typical Lexus RX. It’s just that there are additional floating roof accents. In fact, the boomerang grille is typical of the large-shaped Lexus style and the sharp eyes of a narrow headlamp with LED Headlights technology that will provide a light enough light to the driver when passing through a dark or low-light road.

In addition, if you look at the side, on the 2018 Lexus RX is clearly visible several curves of a firm line that gives the impression of muscular on the side of this car. In fact, the side skirts also look so stylish and macho with longitudinal streaks so as to strengthen the authority of this Lexus RX. Then on the back has a stop lamp that is formed sharply squinted with the Stylized design style that also carries High-mounted LED technology. Thus, overall it can be concluded that the Lexus RX specification on the physical side of the exterior look indeed looks more sporty and charming.

2018 Lexus RX Price and Release Date
This car is on the market right now and you can get this car by spending $43,470 for $54,085.