2018 Subaru Legacy

2018 Subaru Legacy: Affordable Yet Competent All-Wheel Drive

Coming from a small Japanese automaker, Subaru, Legacy is a competent all-wheel-drive sedan with an affordable price offer. This year, Subaru release Legacy with redesigned looks and a comfortable and spacious interior. But, how about the engine? Let’s check full details about 2018 Subaru Legacy below.

2018 Subaru Legacy Design
The 2018 Subaru Legacy comes with the new face with fresher front and rear styling. Compared to the previous model, Legacy now has a lower and wider grille with the newly integrated tailpipe. Additionally, the car also gets 2 new wheel designs and new paint colors.

The interior is also integrated with good changes. The standard infotainment system and dashboard clock become larger, the center console gets redesigned, and the air conditioning is now more effective. Furthermore, the cabin feels airy due to its ample room and slim roof pillars that give better outward visibility for the passengers. Moreover, the cabin is pretty quiet mostly during highway ride because the engine and tire noise is barely perceptible. However, the engine might turn trashy at high rpm acceleration.

For comfortability, the front and rear seat have good cushioning with soft and high-quality cloth material. They also have nice upper-back support. Also, the door and armrests at the center have to think to a pad. This midsize sedan can accommodate five passengers with comfort.

You also get large cargo space at the trunk that can hold decent 15-cubic feet. Additionally, you will also get a plenty of handy small-item storage bins such as bottle holders at the door pockets also phone or wallet holders at the compartment.

2018 Subaru Legacy Engine & Performance
The engine of 2018 Subaru Legacy might be its main drawback. You’ve got only 2 options from 5 trim levels. The economical 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine isn’t very powerful in 2.5i trim version. The engine can generate 175 horsepower to accelerate only from 0-60 mph time of about 9.5 seconds. But, the acceleration is pretty smooth and relatively quiet. Meanwhile, the 3.6-liter 6-cylinder engine that can generate 256 horsepower and 246 lb-ft of torque in 3.6% Limited trim level is more powerful, but still not as fast as the competitors.

However, the main appealing thing from Legacy is the all-wheel-drive system which not all competitors offer it. The AWD system supports good fuel economy that earns 25 mpg in the city, 34 mpg on the highway, but dropped to 20/28 mpg (city/highway) for 6-cylinder.

Although the pedal brakes aren’t that strong on the road they are easy to modulate to stop smoothly on the city road that might slippery during rainy days. Moreover, you can turn into corners nicely due to its intuitive steering operation and good weighting, yet not really quick. Nevertheless, the handling is still easy to control, though it isn’t a sports sedan. No wonder, 2018 Subaru Legacy gets5-star for its safety ratings for crash test.

2018 Subaru Legacy Price
The 2018 Subaru Legacy is available in the market with a base price of $22,195. The base price is competitive among the lowest starting prices in the class. There are also higher price tags that starting up around $29,000 to $31,945 from higher level trims.

Overall, it gets a pretty good rating among the competitors which offer you a worth to buy mid-size sedans for driving partner.